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But you can see artisteer is a awesome software as we all know. ezgenerator is also a WYSIWYG editor mind it. and in the market there are lots of good (even better then artister) software you can get 50$. Well so tell me why we buy this software to make a shop? I really don't need a shop, then i must not buy it right? You can install WordPress and gt a plugins for shop at 5$. its better and cheaper solution then ezgenerator. So the pint is if ezgenerator needs to upgrade lots of things. and i am really disappointed by their answer "this will be added Maybe in future." .This is very lam answer from a forum/software devoloper.
They must work on their customers review, and tell them their process. Their must a sticky post where you can post your ideas for improvement, But its missing too.
So after spending some time and after one week of experiment i finally found that the best part of this software is innovaeditor live.

And please mind that artisteer doesnot come for free.
it need a 49.5$ fee for home or academic licence.
for Standard Edition its 129.5$. and ezg is also 129$.
If i have to buy artisteer then i really don't want to buy ezd(there are lots of script for online shop and they are really better then ezg ).
Well your choice is to make its feature so cool that i MUST buy it.

Hope developer of image-line take their customers review & suggestion seriously.
Waiting for any devloper for reply.

This post may have some bad word for ezg but this for its own good.

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